Information mismanagement

Does your organisation find that it has plenty of data on some buildings and too little on others? Are you sure that you know what information you should have to operate your facilities safely, correctly, efficiently and effectively? If you are in any doubt then you need to take a close look at BS 8587:2012 Guide to Facility Information Management. This standard addresses a fundamental concern: how do we get on top of information and not let it get on top of us?

Setting the right standards

Mystery solved. One of the great misunderstandings is the role of standards – in the sense of British (BS) and international (ISO) standards – and that they are all about products. True, many standards are; but most of those published in recent years and under preparation in the area of the built environment are process-related.

IKEA style building

Design for operability is the new mantra. The concept of buildability – the impact of design on construction – has long been recognised in design circles. Operability has yet to achieve the same level of consciousness among designers. The arguments in favour of design briefing taking proper account of the requirements for safe and correct operation and use of a facility are overwhelming.

Shanghai Tower – China's tallest building

When it is complete in late 2014, Shanghai Tower will stand 632 metres above the heart of Shanghai’s Luijiazui Finance and Trade Zone, adjacent to the Jin Mao Tower and Shanghai World Financial Center. As the newest icon on the Shanghai skyline, Shanghai Tower’s distinctive transparent spiral form will showcase cutting-edge sustainable strategies and public spaces that wrap its perimeter from crown to base. The Tower is currently the tallest building in China and the second in the world to Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Process model (high-level) of FM

Owners and their managers need to pay as much attention to the definition and optimisation of their FM process as they do to their core business processes. Experience of current practice suggests the situation to be otherwise, with an underdeveloped appreciation of process-thinking leading to a reduction in the effectiveness and efficiency of FM service provision. The implications of these shortcomings are highlighted in a number of areas critical to success, namely stakeholders, outsourcing and performance measurement.

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