Example COBie spreadsheet

BSI has published BS 1192-4 Collaborative production of information Part 4: Fulfilling employers information exchange requirements using COBie – Code of practice. This new standard provides the foundations and principles of Level 2 BIM and is one of seven deliverables that can help organisations reach Level 2. BIM models rely on the exchange of structured and accurate data throughout an asset’s lifecycle. For this to happen in a clear manner COBie (Construction Operations Building information exchange) is recommended.

BIM is required on all UK government construction projects where information must flow into portfolio, asset planning and facility maintenance tools. COBie is the standard format for sharing facilities information and is designed to ensure that all the information needed to own and operate a facility/asset is available in a reliable format during the construction process.

BS 1192-4 provides users with recommendations on how to use COBie and supports the processes outlined in the previous BIM standards PAS 1192-2 and PAS 1192-3. COBie can aid asset managers, facilities managers, asset owners, operations and maintenance service providers, but also impacts designers and contractors by giving them a structured format in which to store information, ready to hand over at the end of a project.

There are clear benefits from the adoption of COBie:

  • Asset information can be collected as a construction project progresses and not in desperate hurry at the end of a project.
  • It can make a difference to facilities managers from the very start of the operational stage – even before the contract is signed.
  • The contract pricing process is radically streamlined, with fewer stages and greater accuracy.
  • The owner/operator of a facility/asset no longer has to re-enter all building related information into a facilities management system.
  • The information is provided at handover stage through COBie, and can be enhanced throughout the operational life of a facility/asset.
  • Operational costs can be budgeted using COBie information provided to the asset operator/owner.
  • Maintenance costs can be planned using COBie information provided to the asset operator/owner.
  • Owners/operators can specify the information they require and keep up-to-date.

The drafting of BS 1192-4 was funded by The Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS). The full and original text of this article can be found here. The standard can be obtained as a free download from the BSI Shop.

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