The Facilities Society is dedicated to interdisciplinary and cross-sector academic enterprise to support the needs of the UK research community, government, businesses and the public interest. In its role as a learned society, it complements established institutes and the universities, working with them wherever possible and pursuing mutual recognition for each others' qualifications.

The Society was founded in 2008 as a not-for-profit organisation – a company limited by guarantee – to satisfy a long-standing gap for a learned society with a broad interest in education and professional development across the built environment. The operative word is "Facilities", which is meant in the sense of operational assets to support functions and to provide services; but it is also intended to convey the understanding that operational assets must be properly designed, constructed, tested, commissioned and started up if they are to fulfil their purpose over a long life. For these reasons, the Society's interests are far wider than the operational phase in the life cycle of operational assets, albeit that it is likely to represent a significant body of interest for members of the Society.

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