Certificate in Facilities Management

The Certificate Course in Facilities Management is based on the blended learning model and takes four months to complete. It consists of an on-line component made up of three assessed assignments and an examination. The Certificate is recognised by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) as an approved qualification for entry to the Associate class of membership and has been offered since 2012*.

Applicants should have a minimum of five years' experience in facilities management and have achieved a position that carries with it some managerial duties and responsibilities.

Skills to be acquired and developed

Course participants will acquire a theoretical understanding of facilities management in support of the core business of organisations and develop an appreciation of the principles and procedures of facilities management as applied to individual organisations. The skills acquired include:

  • Intellectual: understanding relevant theory and principles drawn from literature within the subject area (taught)
  • Practical: engaging in authentic learning and developing an ability to offer appropriate criticism of practice (assignments)
  • Transferable: communicating concepts, principles and logical arguments (assignments).

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding the scope and impact of facilities management on the core business activities of organisations.
  • Differentiating between core and non-core business activities and services in the context of facilities management.
  • Appreciating the role of the informed client or customer, the nature of risks faced by the client and the need to provide best value.
  • Explaining the importance of a strategy for facilities management and the key stages in arriving at the decision to outsource or retain services in-house.
  • Understanding the role of stakeholders and assessing their potential impact on facilities management strategy, policy and operations
  • Outlining a plan for stakeholder engagement and communication.
  • The management implications of outsourced and in-house service provision for owners (clients), tenants (customers) and other end-users.
  • Recognising critical success factors in FM and the role of key performance indicators.
  • Differentiating between service specifications and service level agreements and explain their role.
  • The process for procuring services and supplies and the means for ensuring the selection of suitably qualified service providers and suppliers.
  • The main types of contractual relationship between clients and service providers and suppliers.
  • The procedure for managing contracts and measuring the performance of contractors.
  • How change can be planned and executed without loss of business continuity.

Structure and topics

The course is structured into five units, including:

  1. The fundamentals of facilities management (roles, responsibilities, informed client, end-users, value, risks and strategy).
  2. People and organisations (managing stakeholders, human resources and organisational behaviour).
  3. Processes (procurement, service options and outsourcing).
  4. Performance (provision and financial administration of services and supplies, measurement and benchmarking).
  5. Innovation (managed change, transition and information systems).


Three written assignments will be used to integrate and apply learning as well as forming 75% of the final award. An online examination will form the remaining 25% of the final award.


All course participants will be assigned a Tutor, who will available to discuss and guide you through each stage of the course, under the direction of Dr Brian Atkin FRICS.


The course fee is £1,250 (excluding VAT) and can be paid in a variety of ways.


For further information, contact us.


*The Certificate Course was offered originally on behalf of The Facilities Society by the Facilities Management Association and latterly by the Building Futures Group, part of Asset Skills. In January 2016, the RICS confirmed recognition of the Facilities Society's Certificate Course in Facilities Management, as awarded directly by the Society.

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